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Academy Team Manager Overview

THANK YOU! Thank you for agreeing to serve as your Academy team’s Team Manager! The manager’s work is vitally important to the team, your coach, and IAFC. Should you have any questions regarding your responsibilities as Manager, please contact Director of Coaching Academy Jrs (8U-10U) - John Downey or Director of Coaching Academy Srs (11U-12U) - Adam Reakes any time.

Team Managers

Academy Team Manager works to ensure that the team functions administratively. The Team Manager communicates and updates the team, regularly. Most of this information is provided to you by the club. The Team Manager handles the administrative duties while the IAFC coaches focus on training and player development.

Your primary roles will be:
1.    Managing your team’s official documents (you will be issued a team notebook)
2.    Communicating to your team(re: weekly schedules, team updates, tournament schedules, club announcements) and Academy Director
3.    Registering/check-in for tournaments and managing tournament paperwork
4.    Some game day duties

The five most important web addresses to bookmark as you begin your work as Team Manager are:

Team Manager Notebook 

You will be given a team notebook by the Director of Academy. Registration Forms and documents that were collected during tryouts will already be included for your team. The notebook should be in attendance at every game/tournament.



You are responsible for communicating with your team throughout the year. TeamSnap is the program we use. You have been invited to be your team’s manager via email by the Director of Academy. Once you accept, you will have access rights to update the team page. Most player contact info will be included already, and the parents will have to update their own player entry, but you will be responsible to keep the team page updated with schedules, notes, updates, etc (everything team specific) throughout the year. Encourage your team to download the app to their phone for immediate updates. Use TeamSnap to send the emails rather than gmail or your personal accounts.

Team Meetings

Shortly before the start of the season (and once per month), the coach and manager typically organize a team meeting for parents. This is a great time to get everyone together, for the coach to discuss rules, expectations, and then in-season updates. The monthly meetings are required by IAFC, for the coaches to discuss the state of the team and any issues, events forthcoming.

Team Manager Game Day Responsibilities

Communicating with your team prior to each game is critical. The earlier the better! You will need to:
1. Notify team of time and location of game (provided by Academy Director). You will upload all this info into TeamSnap in advance.
2. Players should confirm their availability through TeamSnap in advance.
3. Let your coach and Director of Academy know of any player absences as soon as possible.
4. Make sure to have the player cards for each player and a filled-out game scorecard. Give both to coach prior to game kick-off.
5. Recollect the player cards after the coach is done getting players checked in. DON’T FORGET TO GET THESE BACK.


IAFC considers tournament participation as important as regular game attendance, and they are mandatory for Academy players.  Academy teams will participate in a least two tournaments each season, a pre-season tournament and a post-season tournament, and the fees for these two are included in the registration fee. Tournaments involve multiple games over Saturday and Sunday. Tournaments do not allow a player from the same club roster to play on more than one team, therefore, it is very important to have all players commit to participating in these tournament weekends. Make sure to communicate the dates of these tournament weekends to all of your parents at the beginning of the season- stress that their participation is vital and that they should plan to keep these weekend dates open for their son/daughter.

Tournament Registration

Once the coach / director selects which tournament the team will participate in, you will be asked to go online to the tournament website and register the team. Make sure you understand exactly which level the director desires you to place the team (provided in document) and be prepared to list potential conflicts for the tournament directors to manage (example: your coach has multiple teams in same tournament)

Many tournaments use or for registration. If you are a brand new team, you will need to create a log in ID and “build” your team profile. Data entry required. The IAFC Academy Director can help with this. If you are a returning team and manager, most the information will already be in the site though may need slight adjustments to rosters; new managers to existing teams may need to get access to the team from Academy Director.

Team Check-in For Tournament 

Preparing for, and completing the team check-in prior to the deadline is very important. Sometimes it takes multiple steps being approved, so always plan to start check-in well prior to the tournament weekend. Normally, the team check-in window opens online the week prior to the tournament. No walk-up check-in available anymore! There is a fee to check-in online (please pay it and forward your email receipt to Academy Director, who will submit it to the bookkeeper for reimburse). You will need scans of the required documents (player cards, medical releases, official state roster) in order to complete the online process. Each tournament will tell you specifically what they require and when it must be turned in.

Tournament Payment

For standard opener and closing tournaments, IAFC prefers to issue a single check out to the tournament for all of their teams at one time. Send confirmation email to Director of Academy and IAFC will pay for all tournaments at one time.

If this is an extra tournament that the team has elected to participate in, the team should split the costs of tournament fees and coach’s fees.

Tournament Fee and Mileage Policy

1. Academy: tournament and coaches fees will be paid by IAFC for four tournaments per year.

2.  Academy tournaments requiring overnight travel: for tournaments outside the metro ATL area which require overnight accommodations, the team shall reimburse (or directly pay for) the head coach’s accommodations at the hotel where the team stays.

3.  Academy tournaments requiring travel: reimbursement for tournaments requiring travel more than 90 miles (one way) from the Arizona Soccer Fields, teams shall reimburse the head coach for mileage in accordance with the published IRS Standard Business Mileage Rate. This rate is adjusted annually by the IRS, so check their website for updated rates.

Academy teams doing additional tournaments (more than the 4 tournaments/year assigned by the club) are responsible for all tournament and coach fees.

Select teams are responsible for tournament fees, coaching fees and hotel/mileage (if necessary) reimbursement for all tournaments.

Travel Tournaments

As the kids progress in age and ability, the team, along with its coach, may choose to participate in some off-season or additional tournaments.  These are typically a-la-carte and require that the team parents fund the tournament fee(s), coaching fee(s) for both the weekend and for additional practices (if planned), and any related travel expenses that the coach will incur (e.g. hotel, parking, mileage, and any other expenses as may be requested).  IAFC will cover the travel/tournament costs for full financial aid recipients. Reimburse forms available under Resources tab.

It is a best practice to prepare a team budget in advance (with input from the coach) as to the total picture so that parents can be made aware of the financial impact of their decision to participation in a given tournament. You will also want to allow plenty of time for registration.  For example, teams typically apply for the CASL tournament set in November, in July.  Cost saving suggestions include:  coaches sharing rooms with one another if multiple teams are participating, coaches coaching more than one team, coach car rental instead of paying milage, ride sharing for coaches with one another or a family. Consult your Director of Academy for info on other teams attending same travel tournament.

If your team decides to travel out of state for a tournament, you will need to obtain “travel permits” from GSSA. At the time of this writing, the cost for this is $5.  Information on this process may be found on the Georgia Soccer website.  In addition, GSSA has prepared a helpful guide for getting the most out of your tournament travel (including helpful hints regarding establishing supervision and hotel rules).  If you travel to a tournament, whether out of state or just overnight, check to see if there is an “official” tournament hotel. Most tournaments offer guidance as to accommodations and may offer discount arrangements.  Many clubs have outside entities arrange lodging and negotiate rates. Some tournaments specifically require that teams stay with the official hotel.

Club Passing

Club Passing to Select League (11U and 12U players only)

Sometimes there is a need or request for an Academy-aged player to join a Select team for a game or more. Club Pass Instructions.

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