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Select Team Manager Overview

Thank You

Thank you for agreeing to serve as your Select team’s Team Manager (hereafter, the “TM” or  “Manager”). The Manager’s work is vitally important to the team, your coach, and IAFC.  Should you have any questions regarding your responsibilities as Manager, please contact your respective program director:

DOC - Girls Select - Jennifer Kirby
DOC - Boys Select - Leonardo de Souza

Brief job description and suggested resources

The Team Manager works to ensure that the team functions as well administratively as it does on the field. TMs handle administrative duties which allows IAFC coaches to focus on training and player development. In addition, the TM acts as a “buffer” between coach and parents. You should encourage your fellow team parents to consult you first regarding issues or concerns with either IAFC or the team so that such issues may be handled efficiently.  Your primary roles will be:

  • Constant communicating to your team (re: weekly schedules, coaching information, tournaments, club announcements, and others)
  • Managing your team’s official documents and team notebook
  • Registering for tournaments, coordinating tournament communication for the team, and managing tournament paperwork

The two most important web addresses to bookmark as you begin your work as TM are:



Each of these websites provides the information and resources you will need to be a successful and organized TM. References to specific pages in each site may be found in the detailed information below.

Team Managers Notebook

Select managers should prepare a notebook at the pre-season manager's meeting with the necessary paperwork to support the team at home and on the road. The notebook must be brought to every game and should be given to another parent if you cannot be present at the game.  The TM notebook should contain, at a minimum:

  • Current Season Player Passes – All player passes will be provided by your DOC.  If a picture profile needs to be updated, it is the managers responsibility to acquire the photos and forward them to their DOC. Player passes are issued by GSSA in August each year. They are valid through August 31st the following year. DO NOT discard the player passes from the prior year until the current year’s passes have been issued. You may need to use older passes for pre-season tournaments and/or summer tournaments, if you have players who choose to do that. You will also need a laminated pass (with picture) for your coach.
  • Current GSSA Official Roster – The Official Roster will be provided to you by your DOC. Make several copies as you will use them each time the team registers for a tournament.  If you have someone  who is “playing up” an age level on your team, or someone who will “play up” with you for a tournament, you will need THAT age group’s official roster, as well.
  • Medical Release Form – Each player’s medical release form should be available at every game in the event of injury. It is especially critical to have this in the event the player’s parent is not in attendance and medical treatment is required. 
  • Team Contact List – Refer to Georgia Affinity and TeamSnap for parent and player contacts.
  • Optional - proof of age (birth certificates, passport pages).  Georgia soccer rules do not specify WHEN proof of age must be submitted should an opposing team question a player's age as stated on their player card.  Players should be allowed to play in a game, even if an opposing teams questions age.  Per our club's email discussion with a state administrator:  "While an opposing team can ask the referee to allow them to look at your player cards, I’m not aware of anything that says you have to show them proof of birth at the field.  If an opponent thinks you are playing an ineligible player, they can file a game protest (for things like club pass violations, player not sitting after 3rd yellow, etc.) or an Ethics & Grievance complaint."


You are responsible for communicating with your team throughout the year.   At a minimum, you will want to provide your team with:

  • A copy of the schedule when it is ready (and address they can use to view it themselves) It is important to note to parents that RAINOUTS and REQUESTS TO CHANGE GAMES DO HAPPEN, so if a weekend appears open, it may not STAY open.
  • Directions to all away games  (which can be found on Georgia Soccer)
  • Information regarding tournaments (these are considered MANDATORY and attendance at all games is expected)
  • Weekly email with that week’s game information, directions, uniform color, player absences, IAFC updates and any additional information your coach would like for you to disseminate. Designate one person to bring ice for injury for each game, or ask for a season volunteer.

Team meeting

Once tryouts are completed and coaches extend offers to players and players accept the offer, the TM’s job begins.  When the team’s roster has been set in the summer, plan a meeting with your coach to discuss management of the team and set the date for your initial team meeting.  It may be most convenient to hold your meeting at the first fall practice, as all player families should be represented. Shortly before the start of the season, the coach will typically organize a team meeting for parents. This is a great time to get everyone together, for the coach to discuss rules, expectations, and review any pre-season or fall tournaments in which the team will be participating. It is very important to review the team’s commitments early on to get the parents and players ready for the fall season. In addition, it is important for the coach to know about players’ conflicts as early as possible.

Some important issues for the first team meeting are (and should be covered by some combination of coach/TM):

  • Collect any missing documents and contact information
  • Discuss practice days, times, appropriate practice wear, seasonal schedule and attendance expectations.
  • Discuss tournament plans and options. Each team will participate in a minimum of two tournaments each season – a pre-season tournament and a post-season tournament. 
  • Determine your volunteer needs and sign up parent volunteers. Please encourage all of your parents to volunteer for the team and IAFC duties. IAFC is primarily a volunteer-run organization, and we depend on volunteers to make this a quality club.  The TM does not have to do all the work!   Team positions you might consider (and which will lighten your work load) are:   Tournament Coordinator, Social Event/End of Season Organizer, Emergency Kit Coordinator, Team Bench/Shade Provider.

Game Day Responsibilities

Communicating with your team prior to each game is critical. You will need to: 
1. Make sure TeamSnap is up to date with game time, field location, and uniform setup.

2. Confirm that all players will be in attendance.
3. Let your coach know of any player absences.
4. Ensure that there will be a first aid kit and ice at the field (solicit a team parent to be in charge of this). 
5. Bring the team notebook and double check all documents are present, including player cards and GAME DAY ROSTER (see #8 below)
6. Ensure that guest players documents/player cards are available.  If you have any “call-ups,” you will need to arrange to have that player’s card for game check in.
7. At the game, the referees will need player passes at the time of player check-in. Your coach may want you, the captain or themselves to handle this, so ask them how they like it done. Give these to the coach/ref/captain during warm-up for whomever handles check-in. Just be sure to collect the passes, after the check-in or game.
8. Team Managers will access the ADG database for pre and post-game requirements. This includes the game day rosters /line up_sheet and reporting of the scores after the completion of the game.  Please note - GA Soccer occasionally updates these instructions.  To make sure you have the most recent instructions, go to and check the documents section under youth/team administration.     
9. Team Managers are responsible for updating the ADG site when a player is needed to play for another team. This is referred, as Club Passing. Coaches should provide adequate time to make arrangements.  Club Pass Instructions. 

*A special note about "call-ups" of players from other Select or Academy teams:  There are special rules surrounding this process. 

User / Login information for the Georgia ADG site should be obtained from the club Registrar. 
Input of scores and disciplinary items into the ADG scheduling system within 48 hours of end of game. Score of both teams - input by both teams for both teams - MANDATORY
          Player Yellow Cards for both teams - input by both teams for both teams - MANDATORY
          Player Red Cards for both teams - input by both teams for both teams - MANDATORY
          Coaching send offs for both teams - input by both teams for both teams - MANDATORY
          A 2nd yellow sendoff should be recorded as a 2CT ejection. Do not enter a single yellow card and then a 2nd caution sendoff.          
             Goal Scorer input is NOT mandatory.         
          You must check your game card for accuracy of reporting by the referees prior to leaving the field after each game.       
          A red CC showing on the public website indicates a contested card.       
          A red CS showing on the public website indicates a contested score.          
          Please correct any items within the 72 hour post game time frame. 


Tournament Registration

  • Team Managers are responsible for registering for tournaments. Communicate with your coach soon after tryouts regarding the exact events your team is expected to attend.
  • Work with the coach to understand the registration details of each tournament such as level of play and other team specific information. If clarification is needed, please contact your DOC.  Make sure to indicate on the tournament registration site if your coach has other teams participating in the same tournament to minimize potential scheduling conflicts.

Tournament Fees & Payments

  • A draft of the tournament costs and travel needs for the team should be estimated. Please communicate this information to your team parents for planning purposes.
  • Create a method to track payments from each player. Collect payments from each player to cover the season costs. ALL PLAYERS are responsible for tournament and travel fees regardless of attendance. The only exception is if a player is removed from the roster by the club. For questions or clarification, please contact the club's administration.
  • Financial Aid Recipients and Tournament fees - Our policy is that all financial aid players, will be covered by the club for tournament costs. Managers will be provided information on aid recipients on your team. Partial scholarship recipients will pay their percentage of the tournament fee not covered by the club.
Reimbursement Policy

Tournament forms and check in procedure

  • Team Managers are required to collect the necessary forms for each tournament. Requirements and tournament specific forms will be located on the tournament websites. Please.check with club administration for help or direction.
  • Managers (or designated.parent volunteer) are required-to complete the tournament check-in process.  Please verify the requirements on the tournament website. The documents required and process are specific to each tournament.

Team travel

  • Out of state travel must be approved through Georgia-Soccer. The required Notification of Travel form is submitted thru the ADG system of GA Soccer. Instructions are attached and are also located on the Georgia Soccer site in the document section.   
  • Team Managers (or their designee) are responsible for making hotel arrangements (room block) for the team and Coach. Please verify with your coach how their individual reservation should occur. (This will vary by team. Additionally, some tournaments have specific hotel requirements for the teams attending. Refer to the tournament site for each event.)

First aid kits

Some teams choose to have a well-stocked first aid kit is available for the team at every game.  You could solicit a team volunteer to do put one together and bring it to each game.  The supplies below should get you through almost any minor to moderate situation and are easily obtained from your local drug store. One of the most essential items is your cellular phone. If you have any doubts about the severity of the medical situation, use your phone to call the local emergency medical personnel for help.

Suggested supplies: 
• Instant cold packs (have several of these!). 
• Adhesive bandages of assorted shapes and sizes. 
• Blister care. • ACE bandages (3-inch and 4-inch sizes).
• Disposable non-latex gloves (use when you are looking at a cut or abrasion). 
• Alcohol-based gel hand sanitizer (for your own hands). 
• Antibiotic ointment (individual packets or a tube of Bacitracin works well). 
• Sterile gauze bandages.
• Sterile gauze roll. 
• Sterile saline bottle (to gently wash dirt or grass from a cut).
• Saline rinse bottle and Hibiclens bottle (very effective and not painful to clean an abrasion or cut). 
• Athletic tape (1-inch and 2-inch sizes). 
• Paramedic scissors. 
• Hydrogen peroxide -- to get blood off a uniform.
• Plastic bags to dispose of used gauze, etc.

Here are a few extras that are nice to have: 
• Foam underwrap. 
• Finger splints (popsicle sticks work well). 
• CPR instructions and plastic ventilation mask. 
• Watertight bags to keep items dry.

Packing it up: Keep your supplies in a brightly colored bag (red is a popular color for this) so that you can find it quickly.

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