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Sideline Behavior

Inter Atlanta FC seeks to create an atmosphere for our players to learn more about soccer and themselves.  We know the vast majority of parents intend to be supportive and set a good example for their children.  This policy is meant to channel parental enthusiasm in a way that is supportive for the players and coaches.

The Board is taking this action to curb inappropriate parent behavior.  The adoption of this policy follows significant board discussions on the issue resulting from an increase in incidents of inappropriate behavior at our club’s games, particularly in the competitive programs.  Examples of these inappropriate behaviors include openly criticizing referees, arguing with other teams’ parents, and angrily confronting coaches.  All set a bad example for our children and undermine our club’s reputation in the Georgia Soccer community. 

Of particular concern is the treatment of referees. Everyone would like to have the best officiating possible.  Unfortunately, incidents of abuse and harassment of referees in Georgia Soccer are causing significant referee attrition.  The adoption of this policy is also intended to prevent this type of behavior from becoming a part of the culture of our club and to do what we can to keep our young referees involved with our club.

  • Ensure that my child is as mentally and physically prepared for games and practices as possible.
  • Support the coach, manager, and staff of Inter Atlanta FC in their decisions.
  • Inform the coach/manager if my child will miss a practice or a game.
  • Talk with the coach if I have concerns regarding my child and his/her participation on the team.
  • Uphold the purpose of Inter Atlanta FC which is to teach, develop and promote the game of soccer with a strong emphasis on the equal opportunity for each player to play and learn.
  • Support my child through positive reinforcement ONLY and to refrain from negative comments completely.
  • Respect the coach in his/her role to direct the team, and not coach my child from the sideline.
  • Refrain from entering the practice fields during training hours.
  • Refrain from entering the game field or the player bench area during and after games.
  • Refrain from inappropriate or insulting language and discourage its use by team members and spectators.
  • Refrain from raising my voice or making comments or gestures, which express disagreement with the referee.
  • Referees are a symbol of fair play, integrity and sportsmanship. It is the responsibility of Inter Atlanta FC to maintain a Referee staff with good training and personal integrity.
  • Remember that I, too, represent Inter Atlanta FC each time my child is dressed in uniform.
  • I also understand and accept all of the specific conduct codes specified and agreed upon my child.

Parent and Spectator Sideline Policy

Player Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

  • Players will refrain from using profanity during games and practices

  • Players will agree to treat teammates with respect and try to be positive at all times

  • Players will not engage in disparaging dialogue with referees, teammates, coaches, opponents or spectators

  • Players will not, under any circumstances, participate in physical violence or threats thereof during any game or practice

  • Players are prohibited from the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or tobacco products while on the active roster of the club team

  • Players will make every effort to attempt to notify coach prior to missing a practice in order to receive an excused absence

  • Players will bring proper equipment to games and practices including: shin guards, water, and soccer ball.  Player will be ready to participate in all events in a timely fashion

  • Player will not wear jewelry, text or make phone calls during soccer events

  • Players must agree to abide by all policies set forth by IAFC

  • Bullying will not be tolerated, and violates IAFC's codes of conduct, which clearly states that all players will be treated with dignity and respect. IAFC considers the following types of behavior examples of bullying: (1) verbal bullying, (2) physical bullying, (3) gesture bullying, and (4) exclusion.

At IAFC we have high expectations for our players as people whether it is on the field or off the field.  At all times you are representing IAFC and yourselves.  At all times we expect players to respect other participants in the soccer world including but not limited to coaches, officials along with players and parents from other clubs.  At all times we expect players, parents and coaches to use good common sense.  Any violation of these expectations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but typically the following will occur:

  1. Initial discussion by coach with player (any player 10 and under will be with parent(s) )

  2. If second violation occurs, a meeting will be held with coach, parent and program director

  3. Any further violations could result in removal from organization.

    *IAFC reserves the right to remove any player, coach, or spectator from the program for any reason it deems necessary

    **Coaches will continue follow up conversations with parent as season continues to discuss progress by player

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