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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Select Soccer?

The focus of Select Soccer is to provide qualified players with the technical skills and tactical knowledge to compete at the highest level.  The training and coaching for Select soccer is carried out by licensed, professional soccer coaches.  Most select coaches have a D License or higher with several holding their A license.

Like Academy Soccer, Select soccer will require additional time and financial commitments from the parents and players.  Select Soccer also requires players to make a greater commitment to the sport in terms of focus, fitness level and skill development.  

Most Select games will be in and around the metro Atlanta area.  Each team can expect to play some away games and tournaments in other parts of Georgia.  Some teams attend out of state tournaments.

2. To what age groups does Select soccer apply?

Select is split into Athena (Girls) and Classic (Boys) from U13 to U19/U20. While Academy game scores are not recorded, Athena and Classic teams play for points and are involved in divisional play. Points are based on wins and losses.  Athena teams are classified A, B, C, D, E, etc. with A being the highest and the most competitive and Classic teams are classified 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. with 1 being the highest and most competitive.  Teams have class promotion and relegation opportunities based upon points. 

3.  How do I know which age group my son/daughter is in?

Starting Fall of 2016 age groups are determined by your birth year.

4. Is Select soccer that different from Academy soccer?

Yes.  Select soccer is more competitive.  Expectations for the players in Select soccer are higher in terms of skill level and focus.  Teams will have biweekly preseason practices as well as additional practices devoted solely to fitness.  There will three 1 ½ hour practices per week during the season.   Players are chosen to play Select Soccer at tryouts based upon ability, skill and talent.   

5.  When are Tryouts?

Georgia Soccer sets the dates tryouts can be held each year. Tryout dates are posted on the website when they are made available by the state. They are held every year around the beginning of June for Select.  Occasionally, players may be considered to sign up for the select program during mid-season (January/February).

6.  How long is the commitment?

Select players are registered through Georgia Soccer to play for their club for one year.  The soccer year is split into two seasons.  The Fall Season, which runs from August to late November/early December and the Spring Season which runs from February to May (Note:  U15‐U19 teams typically reconvene in late Spring, usually as the high school season is winding down, and many participate in post-season Spring tournaments).  If a player leaves their team part way through the calendar year, the full fee must still be paid.  The expectation though, is that soccer is the player’s primary sport and the commitment is for the full year. 

7.  How many teams are there in each age group?

It varies between age groups, but usually there will be between one and three teams per gender age group.

8.  What are the team levels in an age group?

The teams are:  Elite, Premier, Excel, Gold, Silver, Bronze (depending on how many teams an age group forms).

9. Can a player move between teams at IAFC?

Yes.  The coaching staff will make this decision. A player does not usually move down during the calendar soccer year.   Players on a lower level team however, can ‘club pass’ up to a higher level team, for one or more games, upon coaches and Director of Programs approval.

10.  Apart from regular season games, will the players go to tournaments?

Yes.  Most teams do one or more pre-season and one or more post‐season tournaments each season.  So with two seasons, this means a minimum of four tournaments per calendar year.  Some higher‐level teams attend more than four tournaments. The tournaments are not covered by registration fees.

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