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Turf Project for Arizona Avenue Complex

Inter Atlanta FC Announces Turf Project at its Arizona Avenue Complex

Atlanta, GA May 24th, 2019 – Inter Atlanta FC, the 5th largest youth soccer club in Georgia, announced it will redevelop its Arizona Avenue Soccer Complex with artificial turf breaking ground May 2019 and completing the project prior to the 2019/2020 season. The improvements will provide more playtime in and after inclement weather and allow the club to better utilize its 7.25 acre site by creating three 11v11 fields.

After careful consideration and a 12-month due-diligence process that prioritized safety and health, durability and playability, Inter Atlanta FC’s Board of Directors selected Shaw Sports Turf and Brock USA to supply the artificial turf, natural coconut husk infill and shock absorbing pad.    Advanced Sports Group will partner with Inter Atlanta FC as the general contractor and Breedlove Land Planning is the design consultants overseeing the redevelopment project.

“Our goal is to serve our children, families and our overall community in the best way possible.  Ensuring a safe and quality playing environment for the Arizona Avenue Soccer Complex was Inter Atlanta FC’s top priority” said Inter Atlanta FC president Shawn Kowalewski, adding that “we are very excited about reaching this major milestone in the growth and life cycle of Inter Atlanta FC.  This significant investment will benefit both club members and the surrounding community for many years to come.” 

Regular construction progress updates will be communicated to club members with an official site opening ceremony planned to formally usher in the “new” Arizona Avenue Soccer Complex after its completion. Inter Atlanta FC will launch a capital campaign this summer, inviting members of the club and community to be founding members of the new soccer complex supporting project costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Inter Atlanta will install artificial turf at the Arizona Avenue Soccer Complex, this summer, with a goal of completing construction in August.  The club has chosen an artificial turf with an organic infill, on top of a shock pad. The total amount of playing surface will also increase, from 2.5 full-sized fields to 3 full-sized fields. 

The club began exploring detailed artificial turf (turf) options in July of 2018, for a variety of reasons including rainouts and poor field quality at the end of each season.  We established a set or priorities to guide our selection process; 1) Safety and health, 2) Durability, 3) Performance and playability and 4) Aesthetics. We hope you’re as excited about this significant development as we are!

What steps are taken to ensure player safety?  We will install a natural infill, and a shock pad under the turf.  Most health concerns raised over the last several years have been focused on infill products, not the actual turf.

What is infill?  Infill is the materials spread over the turf during installation to keep blades standing tall.  We have selected a product called Geofill. Geofill is made of coconut. Geofill alleviates the concerns with questionable chemicals from synthetic infill material, like rubber. 

What is a shock pad?  A shock pad is a middle layer of padding installed between the base layer of crushed gravel and the layer of turf.  It’s like the padding under the carpet in your home. Shock pads are made to absorb the shock of an impact and reduce injuries.     

Will the artificial turf get hot on warm days?  A second benefit of the natural infill is cooling.  The turf temperature of Geofill fields are up to 40 degrees cooler than those using rubber infill.

Are people with peanut allergies at risk on a Geofill field?  No.  Coconut is not a nut or a legume (like peanuts).  Coconuts are part of the palm tree family.

Did you say we are expanding the playing surface?  Yes!  By maximizing the available space, we are able to accommodate a flexible layout of three 11v11 fields, up to six 9v9 fields or a bunch of micro fields.  The playing surface will extend east towards the hill and west towards the current fence next to the street. 

When will it be installed?  This summer!  Construction is planned from May to August, and expected complete before the fall season begins.

Will the expansion of the playing fields impact parking?  No.  The installation will not change our current parking lot configuration or negatively impact the amount of parking spaces.

Will we be able to practice on Arizona fields on rainy days?  Yes.  Please keep in mind that we will continue to close AZ in dangerous weather conditions.

Will the fields drain better?  That is the plan.  The design calls for an improved drainage system under the whole field.  One challenge with Arizona fields is that there is granite near the surface in many locations.

Can players wear regular soccer cleats or will they need turf shoes?  Regular soccer cleats are ideal.

How much maintenance does a turf field require?  The field will undergo routine grooming after every 80 hours of use.  Heavy use areas like the goal mouth will require occasional attention with a broom or plastic rake.  Once a year the field will undergo an inspection and more detailed grooming process.

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Partners of Arizona Turf Project

About Inter Atlanta FC
Formed in 1988 as a small inner-city recreation soccer program by community parents, Inter Atlanta has steadily grown into the 5th largest club in Georgia and has built a solid brand and operational capabilities to support over 2,400 youth soccer players at all levels of recreation and competitive soccer programs.  Our philosophy has been and remains a belief that developing athletic skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, work ethic, and a commitment to self-improvement in our youth players contributes to the strength of our community today and tomorrow.  Inter Atlanta FC is located at 161 Arizona Ave NE, Atlanta GA 30307. 

About Advance Sports Group
Advanced Sports Group is a strategic partner of Shaw Sports Turf and completed over 3,000 successful installations, ranging from community parks to professional fields over the last two decades.

About Breedlove Land Planning
Breedlove Land Planning, Inc. provides professional land development design services through landscape architecture, site planning, civil engineering and project management to public and private entities, including municipalities, private developers and institutions throughout the southeastern United States.

About Brock USA

Brock USA is a leading manufacturer of impact absorbing protective padding systems for artificial turf fields with client ranging from local high schools to the NFL.

About Shaw Sports Turf
Shaw Sports Turf is the leader among synthetic turf companies and is the largest American-owned and American-made synthetic turf company in the world. Shaw Sports Turf has demonstrated industry leadership in both quality and innovation for more than two decades with over 2,500 successful installations, and an impressive list of high-profile installations, including the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Georgia Tech, University of Arkansas and many others. Engineered for performance and safety, Shaw Sports Turf features a product line designed specifically to meet the needs of athletes and sports programs.

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