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The Club Champions League (CCL) is the first club-to-club, and largest, club-based youth soccer league in the United States.  With four distinct competitive divisions, and two conferences (CCL and CCL New England) the league has over 15,500 participants, and over 75,000 registered youth soccer players within CCL member clubs in 9 states and the District of Columbia.  The CCL is larger than many state associations.

The organization was founded on a simple concept that includes three main features:

1.  Superior Competition
2.  A Model for Player Development and
3.  A Governing Board made up of Professional Soccer Directors from each club

The CCL offers a holistic club-based development model with a primary focus on the development of the very best youth soccer players while offering a level of play for all players ages eight to over twenty-three.  As the first youth soccer league to implement the club-to-club, club-based model, [1997] the CCL is the leader in the youth soccer landscape.  The club-to-club matchday offers a unified league schedule where all teams from one club, host or travel to another club, boys and girls, and play all matches at one location.  The matchday schedules are strategically managed to offer Technical Directors/Directors of Coaching (TD’s and DOC’s) and Full-Time Club Coaching Staff the opportunity to oversee, evaluate, assess, collaborate, and participate with many, if not all, of their club’s teams and players on a matchday.  Most importantly, TD’s/DOC’s are able to de-conflict double coaches (coaches who coach more than one team), so that every player is intimately connected to their Head Coach for each match.  The club-to-club matchday presents a club-based, community-feel as well as offering great flexibility for families with multiple players and the opportunity to carpool.  The CCL and its member clubs have over 20 years of experience in the club-to-club matchday!

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